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Tips For Looking After Your New Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle. If your car requires new tyres or you’ve recently purchased a new set of tyres, it’s important to put some practices in place when it comes to maintenance. This is not only needed for safety reasons, but you will also end up saving yourself money down the track by extending the life of your vehicle’s tyres.

Here at Rego’s & More in Richmond and Windsor, we are experts in a full range of mechanical services and we can also assist when it comes to your new tyres. If you would like to learn a few helpful tips for extending the life of your new tyres, have a read of the handy hints we’ve put together below.

Correct tyre pressure is important

Correct tyre pressure is essential for safety, fuel consumption and durability. When your vehicle’s tyres are not at the correct inflation level, this can result in uneven wear and tear and also poor fuel consumption. It’s recommended that you regularly check the pressure of your new tyres, especially before you head away on a long trip. Your vehicle manufacturer will set out specific recommendations for correct tyre pressure.

Tyre balancing & wheel alignments

Tyre balancing and wheel alignments should also be considered when maintaining your new tyres. The purpose of balancing is to make sure the tyres rotate properly and that they aren’t causing the vehicle to vibrate. Unnecessary vibrations can lead to premature damage to the tyres and may also be a safety hazard. A wheel alignment will adjust the angle of the wheels and ensure that they are parallel to each other. This can in turn lead to a longer tyre lifespan.

Important driving habits to adopt

There are also many driving habits which will affect the life of your new tyres. For example, regularly driving fast over uneven surfaces such as gravel and other unpaved areas will result in premature wear and tear of your new tyres. Hard braking, turning the steering wheel when the car isn’t moving and not waiting for the car to warm up may all lead to tyre damage.

Do you need new tyres?

Be sure to get in touch with the experts down at Rego’s & More in Richmond or Windsor for vehicle registration services, mechanical repairs and new tyres. Give our Richmond team a call on 02 4588 5588 or our Windsor team on 02 4506 0750.

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