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Car Safety & Preparing Your Vehicle For Road Trip

With 2021 behind us at last, now is the ideal time to unwind and head off on a holiday. Whether it’s a big getaway or just a weekend trip, it’s always important to ensure your car is safe. Here at Rego’s & More in Richmond and Windsor, our team of mechanics are experts in car safety checks and we would like to share our knowledge with you. Have a read of our handy summary below outlining how to best prepare your car for a long journey. 

Fuel, oil and radiator coolant

The last thing you want on your holiday is to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance. Even worse if you have a car full of bored kids! To avoid this happening, ensure you fill-up the tank with fuel before heading off and while you’re at it, check the engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer water to see if anything needs topping up. 

Check your tyres 

When it comes to car safety, your tyres are key. This means it’s essential that you thoroughly check your tyres before leaving on a long trip. Bald or underinflated tyres are a huge safety risk and they’re only inviting a flat tyre to come ruin your holiday. Conduct a visual check of your tyres to see if there is any excessive wear or embedded nails. Be sure to also check tyre pressure. Finally, don’t forget to check your spare tyre!

Create a clear view

A dirty windscreen and windows can be a huge car safety hazard, be sure to give your car a quick clean before heading off. A clean windscreen is particularly essential if you plan on driving at night time. It’s also important to pack your car with safety in mind and ensure that luggage or other items aren’t blocking the driver’s view. 

Car safety checks & vehicle servicing

When was the last time your vehicle was serviced? It’s a good idea to check your logbook before heading away to ensure your servicing isn’t overdue. Any issues will be picked up during a service and can prevent serious problems occurring while you’re on the road. Booking in with your mechanic for is another way to make sure your vehicle is safe for your road trip. 
The team at Rego’s & More is here to help with all your car safety needs. For all enquiries or to book your vehicle in with our team, get in touch with our Richmond or Windsor workshops today.

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